Meet the Maker

Jeremy Rand: FreeSpeechMe creator and programmer.
Jeremy’s Dot-Bit address: https://www.veclabs.bit

Jeremy runs Viral Electron Chaos Laboratories. He’s a Computer Science major at the University of Oklahoma. He works in research fields relating to robotics and game enhancement.

Jeremy co-wrote the Tor- and I2P-service support for the current Dot-Bit specification. It was accepted and implemented by the Namecoin development community. FreeSpeechMe is the first software to implement this feature.

Jeremy is the author or co-author of five additional Dot-Bit specification proposals that have been accepted by the Namecoin development community and are awaiting implementation.

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Appamatto and Aaron Swartz for BitDNS and SquareZooko proposals.
Moxie Marlinspike and Mike Kazantsev for Convergence.
phelix and the Namecoin Marketing and Development Fund for supporting the TLS and Tor/I2P bounties.
itsnotlupus for adding TLS to the .bit spec.
khal for nmcontrol.
khal and vinced for namecoind.
All our funders on Indiegogo.
Neema Vedadi for music in funding video, and some notes on rough cut of video.
Iva Milakovic for logo graphic work.
Sean DuVally for additional beta testing

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